Windows Updates optimises your Machines

To ensure that your computer systems operate optimally, securely and reliably without being a contributor to people and process inefficiency, there are a set of principles that your organization should follow.

Windows Update

Windows updates are a feature that enables you to ensure that your computers have the latest security and system updates that Microsoft has released. These updates will typically contain the following.

  • Updates that fix previously identified security loopholes.
  • New Features.
  • New Performance improvements.
  • Update system drivers for printers etc.

GPBackups has seen instances where updates have been “disabled” because of the following problems.

  • They take too long to run
  • They slow my computer down
  • My internet link runs out of its cap.

We see this as a dangerous practice as the defence’s against vulnerabilities are being weakened. It is possible to configure the updates to minimize the effect on your computer internet link during the busy parts if the day.