What is the Impact of a Stolen Laptop

The vast majority of small businesses in South Africa, use a USB stick to back up their data. Invariably this memory stick is kept in the same bag as their Laptop. When the Laptop bag is stolen, all copies of your data is now lost. This can be a very traumatic experiences as you battle to recover the following types of data

  • Your previous quotes issued in excel or word
  • What your debtors owe you
  • How much you still owe suppliers
  • Agreements and email saved on the machine
  • Works Schedules, employee information and salaries.

Over half of the small businesses who lose data, never fully manage to recover from it, suffering financial losses or going out of business.

If you have a backup copy in another location or are using a traditional backup program, you would recover your data once the Laptop is replaced.

To replace a Laptop may take up to 2 weeks from insurance company approval to replacement and the resetup of all the applications.

However, what happens when you are travelling and your laptop gets stolen. You are a long way from home with no IT Support or access to your office. This situation compounds the trauma of losing your Laptop and all the data on it.

The GPBackups Cloud backup service has a very interesting feature. You are able to logon (with the appropriate username and password) to the Cloud backup portal from any other workstation on the Internet, and download files from your latest backup to continue working on them using any other machine.

The GPBackups Cloud Backup Server enable you to restore to a point in time. In other words, you can restore from your last backup, last week’s backup or last month’s backup and any date in between.