Disaster Recovery Planning

What happens to your business when you have an IT disaster, with no set plan in place on how to recover a critical systems failure. Do you know what the effect of the following will be, on your Business?

  • Financial systems not working
  • Wages and Timekeeping System offline
  • Email not working company wide
  • Productions Control and Environmental Monitoring Systems not running
  • Important Documents and Spreadsheets being unavailable

The following are issues to consider in determining whether it is cost effective to create a disaster recovery plan, and to keep a disaster recovery plan maintained as your business continues to operate and evolve.

  • Can you continue to meet regulatory requirements with your IT Systems being offline for an extended period of time
  • Will the speed and accuracy of your manual process’s be sufficient to service and ensure retention of your customers
  • Can your accounting system run as a manual, paper based system only, while systems are rebuilt following a disaster.
  • What will the HR implications be if you cannot accurately account for time and pay accurate wages
  • How reliant is your business operations on email as a form of communications, and what business sensitive data is primarily kept in your email system.

We can guide you through the process of creating and testing a Disaster Recovery Plan, to ensure that you have confidence in recovering critical systems within a predetermined set timeframe, while your business continues to operate