Do not pay for Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware Attacks tend to take a few days to spread, where a random number of files are infected and encrypted daily. Once you become aware that you have been infected, the Ransomware has already had a couple of days to do its damage.

Where USB Drive copies are used for backups, the files on the USB Drives are overwritten on next backup, resulting in a previous good file on the USB Backup being overwritten with a bad file (The file encrypted with Ransomware)

The GPBackups system does not overwrite files on the backup system, but creates a new backup version of the file as it changes. Consequently, it is possible to restore the entire data set to a nominated point in time,

After removal of the ransomware or rebuild of the system by your IT Team, we will restore all your data to a point in time before the ransomware infection. This will result in an operational system with a clean data set. Some reprocessing of data may be required for the period of the ransomware strike