Let us run your Offsite Backups

Information is at the core of your business. Your emails, customer records, documents, invoices – they are all information that you cannot do without!

An IT disaster can be crippling for a business, and the cost of downtime is typically in the tens of thousands of Rands!

Backup irreplaceable information from your workstations, laptops and servers with the GPBackups Service. We enable you to restore your information to a nominated point in time, which is critical when recovering from a Virus, Malware or Ransomware Infection. Some Ransomware modifies your files over a period of time, before the effects are noticed.

Using state of the art software and robust infrastructure, we provide you with an enterprise class online backup service that ensures that you can quickly get up and running after any kind of IT disaster!


Ransomware Attacks tend to take a few days to spread, where a random number of files are infected and encrypted daily. Once you become aware that you have been infected, the Ransomware has already had a couple of days to do its damage.

Where USB Drive copies are used for backups, the files on the USB Drives are overwritten on next backup, resulting in a previous good file on the USB Backup being overwritten with a bad file (The file encrypted with Ransomware)

The GPBackups system does not overwrite files on the backup system, but creates a new backup version of the file as it changes. Consequently, it is possible to restore the entire data set to a nominated point in time,

After removal of the ransomware or rebuild of the system by your IT Team, we will restore all your data to a point in time before the ransomware infection. This will result in an operational system with a clean data set. Some reprocessing of data may be required for the period of the ransomware strike