Do I have to manually start the backup

The GPBackups system is designed to run automatically once setup.

As part of the commissioning of backup operations on a Customer Machine We perform the following tasks.

Setup the backup system on the machine being backed

No changes are required to a customer firewall as the system uses TCP/IP Ports 80 and 443 which are enabled on all machines by default to communicate on the Internet.
Configure the Backup Jobs Backup Jobs are setup which include backup selection sets. A selection set is the data required to be backed up. Selection sets would commonly be, Documents, Desktop, Videos. Pictures etc. We also identify specific applications on the machine and set the back system to backup the associated data folders. Configure the Bandwidth throttling settings The system has the capability to set the internet bandwidth being used based on schedules. Where a backup is required to run during business hours, the system would be set to utilize a set maximum bandwidth. This is to ensure that other applications shave access to Internet Resources. Configure the backup schedules Each backup job is assigned a schedule that defines when the backup must start. If a machine is switched off at a backup schedule time, the system will identify the schedule as a “missed scheduled” and run the backup when the machine is switched on. This can tend to be an issue with Laptops that “travel”. Configure the backup reporting The Backup system has a reporting system where backup results and backup status is sent to nominated email addresses on a schedule basis. This is commonly done once a day. We have noted over time that customers will tend to watch for the daily reporting email and then “file it away” without actually reading the status emails. To ensure that a backup error is not missed, the backup system has a separate reporting and monitoring system that we use to identify issues. Where an issue is noted on a customer backup, the customers IT support team is contacted, and GPBackups staff will work with the Customers IT department to resolve a backup issue.