Using USB Drives for Data Backups

Where a small business uses a USB drive as a backup, in the majority of cases, the following methodology is used The Information to be “backed up” is copied to the USB Drive daily. This results in the previous days “backup” being overwritten. This has the following negative implications The previous good data can be […]

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What is the Impact of a Stolen Laptop

The vast majority of small businesses in South Africa, use a USB stick to back up their data. Invariably this memory stick is kept in the same bag as their Laptop. When the Laptop bag is stolen, all copies of your data is now lost. This can be a very traumatic experiences as you battle […]

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Why should you backup your computers information

Data is the lifeblood of a business and the negative effect of the loss of data is normally only appreciated by small business when data is actually lost. The following are some of the reasons for backing up your companies data. Legal requirements. There are legal requirements on the length of time that data must […]

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