Why should you backup your computers information

Data is the lifeblood of a business and the negative effect of the loss of data is normally only appreciated by small business when data is actually lost.

The following are some of the reasons for backing up your companies data.

Legal requirements.

There are legal requirements on the length of time that data must be kept and to be able to be produced as required

South Africa Revenue Service.

SARS requires that financial records be kept for a minimum defined period and be available for inspection if required for tax audits etc. This includes your electronic and physical paper records. In the case of paper records that fade over time, for example till slips, a best practice is to scan the records to PDF documents.

Medical Records.

There are specific legal requirements on the length of time that medical records are required to be kept, and be available to be reproduced as required by legal authorities.

Debtors Records

In the case where a debtor has been handed over, your financial records in relation to the debtor will be required by debt collection agencies and the courts as part of the records to justify the debt recovery.

Where you have a loss of data due to a computer crash, data corruption or even the loss of your office, your ability to reproduce records as required above will be compromised, which may result in financial loss including possible legal action against yourself.


Operational Requirements.

Where you use IT systems in the generation of your income, the loss of operational data, customer and suppliers data files will result in increased inefficiencies and the loss of Business Opportunities


Web, Graphic and Architectural Design Services etc

Designers utilise computer systems to create their clients products. In the case of a data loss, all data will have to be recreated which costs time, where reprints or reuse of previous designs are required.

General Business Management

The loss of Spreadsheets and Word Documents will have a negative effect on a company as previously agreed customer proposals and other data will not be available. This can result in the loss of business and inefficiencies


The Electronic Communication Act of 2002 treats an email as an electronic contract. The loss of emails will result in a loss of essential business communications between Customers, Suppliers and staff.


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